Love yourself

Stop trying to be perfect.
Stop comparing yourself to others.
Be who you really are.
Take things one day at a time.
Learn to let go of your past.
Forgive yourself.
Define yourself by your effort, not by your accomplishments.
Stop saying bad things about yourself.
Embrace negatives and turn them into positives.
Nurture yourself.
Treat yourself like you treat your best friend.
Express yourself.
Do what you love.
Believe in yourself.
List your best qualities.
Practice receiving love.
Practice saying “no”.
Be persistent.
Start working toward how and what you want to do and be.
Treat others with love and respect.
Create goodwill and thankfulness.
Practice random deeds of kindness.
Know how to react in a healthy way.
Practice meditation.

Most importantly:

Remind yourself that you are worth loving.



This whole video is super dope. Not only is it a seriously nice remix of “Ill Street Blues,” but seeing it done live takes it to another level.
Then, on top of that, you can actually see the samples that are used and exactly how they’re manipulated to make the beat. Memorecks is really innovative with how he shows his craft. Really, really nice stuff here. The fact he switches the beat up for each verse…a lot of talent on display.